Selling a home is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor involving a lot more than just putting a sign in the front yard.  Selling your home includes things such as inspections, warranties, marketing, contracts and other legal documents, escrow arrangements, arranging showings, and disclosure requirements to name a few.   It can be a full-time job.

Even if you think you have the time to go it alone, there are still two big reasons you’ll want to consider a professional REALTOR© like ER Lewis & Company.  According to the latest research, sellers who use the expertise of a professional REALTOR© like ER Lewis & Company sell their house more quickly for more money (upwards of 15% more!) than those who try to sell their home themselves.

As your REALTOR©, ER Lewis & Company will put their experience and expertise to work for you on such things as:

  • Market research to ensure accurate pricing of your home
  • Staging and preparing your home to make the best possible impression
  • Making sure buyers are pre-qualified by a reputable lender
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Benefits of home warranties
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Coordinating and evaluating marketing opportunities
  • Negotiating offers to purchase, counter offers and inspections
  • Escrow arrangements
  • Guiding you through the closing process
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